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Will your traffic ticket affect your insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Traffic tickets

Traffic tickets for speeding, unsafe lane changes, unsafe movement, failure to yield and other violations can affect you in different ways. In addition to potentially paying fines, your insurance company may increase your premiums.

Here is what you should know:

The first offense can lead to the increase

In some states, drivers convicted of a first-time traffic violation may not face high insurance premiums. But this may not be the case in North Carolina. Insurers in the state take traffic violations seriously, especially speeding ones. A single speeding ticket conviction can increase one’s premiums significantly – up to 50% for full coverage car insurance.

The penalty will depend on the severity of the violation

Your insurance company will consider the severity of the violation when increasing your premiums. For example, in the case of a speeding ticket, the insurer will consider how fast you were going above the speed limit to determine the appropriate penalty.

The conditions surrounding a violation is another factor that insurers consider. For example, a ticket for speeding in a school zone may have a higher penalty.

Can you avoid these consequences?

If you receive a traffic ticket, you should consider fighting it. If you pay the required fine, the state will put the infraction on your driving record, which your insurance company will notice when monitoring your records. Accordingly, they may increase your premiums.

Your insurance rates can be affected for years after the penalty is applied. This impact can even be worse than the consequences of the ticket itself.

Traffic violations can result in expensive insurance penalties since insurers view policyholders with tickets as high-risk. With legal guidance, you can contest your ticket, protecting your driving record and finances.