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Should I fight a ticket for running a stop sign or stop light?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Traffic tickets

Deciding whether to contest a ticket for running a stop sign or stop light isn’t always a straightforward undertaking. On the one hand, you risk potential impacts on your driving record and financial implications, on the other, fighting back takes up valuable time and energy that few American adults are in a position to spare easily.

With all of this said, while it might seem easier to pay the fine and move on, there are circumstances where fighting a traffic ticket of this kind could be in your best interest. Either way, you’ll want to carefully consider the following before committing to any particular approach if you have been cited for running a stop sign or a stop light.

What you’re risking if you don’t fight back

Traffic violations, including running a stop sign or stop light, can add points to your driving record. Having too many points added to your record can lead to increased insurance premiums and, in severe cases, suspension of your driving privileges. Contesting a ticket gives you a chance to avoid new point accumulation.

If you have a clean driving record, you may not be particularly concerned with accumulating points on your record. However, you’ll need to consider the possibility that your driving privileges could be endangered if you have another mishap – or a misunderstanding occurs – before your point total has been reset.

Especially if you believe that you were cited for wrongdoing in error, or if there are extenuating circumstances that could justify your actions, you might have a strong case. For instance, if a stop sign was obscured by foliage or the traffic signal was malfunctioning, you could potentially be in a strong position to fight back. In doing so, you could mitigate the likelihood of increased insurance premiums for years on end and point accumulation that could lead to the suspension of your driving privileges.