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Raleigh Failure To Appear Lawyer

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There are many reasons that you may not have been able to appear in court for your violation – it could be an honest mistake of scheduling, you may have become very ill or you may have even been too nervous about appearing. If you miss your scheduled court date for any reason, several consequences could await you if you do not address the situation swiftly.

Failure to appear is considered a crime for which a bench warrant may be issued. To avoid the penalties associated with this charge, reach out to the team at Cotten Law Firm. Our Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer is committed to providing clients with the help they need to minimize disruption to their lives.

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Why Hire Cotten Law Firm?

There are many reasons to choose Cotten Law Firm to represent you:

  • A friendly, professional team committed to your needs.
  • We prioritize your legal goals above all else.
  • We charge extremely reasonable rates for our services.
  • Our team genuinely cares about you and your well-being.

What Happens If I Fail To Appear?

In some instances, such as civil suits, failing to appear will generally result in an automatic win for the opposing side. You could also fail to appear for a minor traffic violation, for example, and not only lose the case against your ticket but also face a failure to appear order which must be addressed within 20 days. Failure to do so is likely to result in being reported to the Division of Motor Vehicles and being charged a reinstatement fee – to say nothing of any consequences related to the original infraction. In cases of more serious motor vehicle offenses, such as DWI and any other misdemeanor or felony charges, an order may be issued for your arrest.

How Can An Attorney Have Your Failure To Appear Removed?

An attorney can help you have your failure to appear removed by helping you complete an Order of Dismissal or a Motion to Set Aside the Failure to Appear. If the judge issues an Order of Dismissal, the charges will be dismissed, and your failure to appear is generally removed from your criminal record. Alternatively, suppose you wish to maintain your innocence and have a trial. In that case, you can file a Motion to Set Aside the Failure to Appear, which will also result in the removal of the failure upon successful completion. Your attorney can also assist in any appeals that may be necessary if your motion is denied.

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Our team is committed to helping clients address their legal challenges as swiftly and decisively as possible to keep the penalties minimal. We understand that sometimes people make mistakes, and we work to help keep those mistakes from resulting in long-term consequences.

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