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Can I Just Pay My North Carolina Traffic Ticket Online?

Simply visiting to pay off your traffic ticket is almost always a very bad idea. When you go online and pay your ticket you are, in fact, pleading guilty to the ticket as charged which, in most cases, is going to negatively affect your insurance and, in some cases, cause your license to be revoked.

License Revocation

North Carolina has numerous different laws that can cause your license to be revoked. Simply paying off your ticket online can subject you to a license revocation leaving you will little option other than to contact an attorney to discuss the costly possibilities of having a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) filed on your behalf.

If you have gotten a traffic ticket, contact Cotten Law Firm, PLLC, today to schedule your free consultation.

Every Circumstance Differs

There are some, very limited, circumstances where paying off a ticket online is the most viable option, but they are few and far between. In instances where you have been charged with driving a motor vehicle without your seatbelt properly fastened, these can be safely paid off online without any negative license or insurance ramifications.

At current court costs, this will cost you $179.00. However, in some counties, even these tickets can be reduced to a rear seatbelt violation, a fine of only $10.00, or even outright dismissed.

In other instances, if the officer has already reduced your speeding ticket at the stop to a 9 m.p.h. over, you may be able to safely pay off your ticket online without a negative license or insurance ramifications but please give us a call before doing such.

I would be more than happy to evaluate this situation for you free of charge; it will not cost you a dime and could save you the money of hiring a traffic attorney.

Contact Me Today For Guidance

At either rate, it will be worth your time to contact a North Carolina traffic defense lawyer to discuss your options before making a costly mistake.

An initial consultation is always free and only takes minutes of your time. If you decide to hire me to fight or have your ticket reduced to a more favorable outcome, you will not have to appear in court.

Call my firm today at 984-600-3090 to get started.