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Chatham County Traffic Lawyer

North Carolina Traffic Attorney

About half of all traffic stops result in a traffic ticket. The most common citation is for speeding. Although people might assume that the only way to take care of the ticket is by paying the fine, other options are available. And these avenues can help avoid serious consequences. If a police officer issued you a citation for speeding or other violation, contact Cotten Law Firm for help from our traffic ticket lawyer in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Some people might think that fighting a ticket is pointless and costs more than it’s worth. But the cost of a ticket is not just the fine. You may also face higher insurance premiums and points added to your driving record. In North Carolina, if you accumulate too many points, you could lose your driver’s license.

Instead of pleading guilty, find out how we can help by contacting us at 984-600-3090. We offer one of the lowest traffic ticket attorney rates in Chatham County, North Carolina.

How Can An Attorney Help With Your North Carolina Traffic Ticket?

You might be thinking about simply paying your traffic ticket or representing yourself in your case. Although you can, doing either is not advisable. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt, which means you will be convicted of the offense and be subject to additional penalties such as points on your driver’s license. Fighting the ticket on your own can also prove challenging, as you must follow rules of evidence and court procedures that you might not be completely familiar with.

Our traffic ticket lawyer in Chatham County can deliver the assistance you need. We have years of experience handling traffic tickets and criminal cases and know how to navigate the justice system. Throughout your case, we will provide sound counsel to help you understand the charge, possible outcomes and your legal options.

Our team will collect and analyze evidence to build a defense on your behalf. Whether we can settle the matter through negotiations or must present our arguments in court, we will be ready.

At Cotten Law Firm, we defend against all types of traffic tickets, including, but not limited to:

Do You Have To Go To Court For A North Carolina Traffic Ticket?

Whether you must go to court to take care of your ticket depends on your situation. For instance, you might not have to go to court if you were cited for a waivable offense, such as failure to use seat belts (G.S. 20-135.2A). However, waiving a citation means you admit guilt and agree to pay the fine and be subject to other penalties.

You might also not need to go to court if you hire a Chatham County traffic ticket attorney. In most cases, an attorney can appear on their client’s behalf.

If you do not pay your ticket nor have an attorney represent you, you must go to court. Not doing so can result in the court issuing a Failure to Appear against you. It will also notify the DMV, which will suspend your driver’s license until you take care of the ticket.

Our Chatham County traffic ticket lawyer can appear in court on your behalf.

We represent clients in:

  • Siler City
  • Pittsboro
  • Goldston
  • Cary

Can A Traffic Ticket Be Reduced Or Dismissed?

If you received a speeding ticket or citation for some other traffic violation, you may be able to get it reduced or dismissed. These results can lead to more favorable outcomes, such as lower fines or no points assessed to your driver’s license.

But pursuing a reduction or dismissal is not always easy. You must negotiate with the prosecutor and convince them that such is warranted. Discussions with the opposition can be intimidating, and you must be careful with what you say, as the prosecutor could use any statements you make against you.

Fortunately, you do not have to handle this part of the process all on your own. You can have our Chatham County traffic ticket attorney by your side helping you. We are skilled at negotiating and know what it takes to present a compelling argument.

We will listen to your side of the story to determine possible defenses against your ticket and might be able to:

  • Get the ticket dismissed,
  • Reduce the speed indicated on the ticket,
  • Get an improper equipment reduction, or
  • Get a prayer for judgment continued (PJC) under the right circumstances.

Can You Lose Your Driver’s License For Speeding Or Other Traffic Violations In North Carolina?

Driver’s license suspension is possible if you have received multiple tickets over a period of time or you were accused of an offense such as driving 15 mph over the speed limit when driving at more than 55 mph.

For the most part, driver’s license suspension will result because of points accumulations. Many traffic violations have a certain point value attached to them.

For instance:

  • Passing a school bus is 5 points
  • Reckless driving is 4 points
  • Running a stop sign is 3 points
  • Failing to properly restrain a child is 2 points

If you get 12 points within 3 years, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license.

The suspension periods are as follows:

  • First time: 60 days
  • Second time: 6 months
  • Third time: 12 months

At Cotten Law Firm, we will work hard to help you maintain your driving privileges.

Ready To Fight Your Traffic Ticket? Call Us Today.

A citation might seem minor, but it can have major consequences. Speak with us about your case, and we can help determine an effective path forward. The approach we take depends on your situation.

To schedule a consultation with our Chatham County traffic ticket lawyer, call 984-600-3090 or submit an online contact form today. We offer a free initial consultation.


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