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About half of all traffic stops result in a traffic ticket, often for speeding. If you have recently received a ticket for speeding or some other violation, contact our traffic lawyer in Chatham for help.

People often assume fighting a ticket is pointless and costs more than its worth. But the cost of a ticket is not just the fine; you may also face higher insurance premiums and extra points on your record. In North Carolina, if you accumulate too many points, you will lose your license. Instead of pleading guilty, find out how Cotten Law Firm can help — for one of the lowest traffic ticket lawyer rates in North Carolina.

We will listen to your case to determine whether you have a defense against the ticket. We might be able to:

  • Get the ticket dismissed.
  • Reduce the speed indicated on the ticket.
  • Get an improper equipment reduction.
  • Or get prayer for judgment continued (PJC) under the right circumstances.

The approach we take depends on your situation, so call us today at (919) 587-8544 to get started.

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  • “He resolved my speeding ticket from 57/45 miles to 50/45 miles and protected me from additional insurance points.”

    Former Client

  • “Had my speed lowered so no points.”


  • “He did an excellent job representing me and I was more than happy with the low cost of his service compared to other firms.”

    Meghan S.

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