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Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Traffic Ticket?

Like most of us, you will probably get pulled over by the police at some point and face a traffic ticket. Whether the traffic offense is something minor like speeding just above the limit or something more serious like a DWI, do not assume you can take care of the case by yourself.

For the best chance of avoiding excessive fines, points on your driver’s license, a loss of your driving privileges, or even jail time, it’s wise to hire an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney to ensure you get the most favorable outcome.

Here, we discuss the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your traffic case.

Do I Need An Attorney?

First of all, you are probably wondering if you absolutely must hire an attorney to handle your traffic matter. The simplest answer is “no.” However, before you plead guilty and pay the fine to get rid of your traffic case, it is always best to consult an attorney.

As you will see below, an attorney may be able to negotiate a better deal, including a reduction in your charges or even a dismissal of your case.

How A Traffic Attorney Can Help You

When you receive a traffic ticket, you have the right to challenge the ticket in court. An experienced traffic attorney can help you challenge the ticket by taking any number of actions, including:

  • Investigating the traffic offense and your traffic record, and challenging the ticket with any evidence found;
  • Handling your case in court, on your behalf, saving you time and stress;
  • Arguing in court to reduce or dismiss your traffic ticket, based on your traffic record and good standing in the community;
  • Leveraging his or her long-standing relationships with the local prosecutors to reduce your charge; and
  • Explaining the terms of any plea deal to you before you accept one.

Some common results traffic attorneys can get for their clients include:

  • A reduction in the number of points imposed on your driver’s license;
  • Prevention of a substantial increase in insurance premiums;
  • Allowing you to keep your license or retain limited driving privileges;
  • A reduction in charges; or
  • Complete dismissal of the traffic ticket.

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