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Get to know North Carolina’s most serious traffic offenses

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Traffic violations occur commonly, but some, such as a DUI, carry far more weight than a simple fine.

Knowing about potentially severe offenses can help drivers navigate the roads safely and avoid legal woes.

Serious injury by vehicle

When a traffic violation (usually involving alcohol) leads to severe victim injuries, you could face harsh penalties. The severity hinges on specific circumstances, but it can be charged as a felony. If the accident resulted from a sudden emergency or a mechanical failure, a legal representative can explore these avenues for defense.

Death by vehicle 

As the most severe traffic offense in North Carolina, it is a felony, and its seriousness depends on the specifics of the incident. While the emotional toll of playing a role in life loss is undeniable, legal guidance remains crucial, especially when the accident wasn’t entirely the driver’s fault.

Reckless driving 

Typically a Class 2 misdemeanor, this violation applies to situations where a driver disregards the safety of others through excessive speeding, aggressive maneuvers or blatant disregard for traffic rules.  A potential defense strategy could involve contesting the officer’s interpretation of the driver’s actions.

Speeding to elude arrest 

Fleeing from an arrest can be a serious offense with potential jail time and license suspension. However, if the stop itself was deemed unreasonable or the driver had a legitimate reason to fear for their safety, representation could be crucial in challenging the charges.

Understanding these violations empowers you to be more cautious and avoid situations that could result in legal consequences. If facing such charges, consult a representative to explore potential defenses and improve your odds of a fair outcome.