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Why would you contest a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Traffic tickets

Many drivers break the speed limit at least occasionally. Whether they belatedly realize they are traveling at 33mph in a 30 mph zone or know full well what they are doing when traveling at 79 mph down an empty interstate, they are still in breach of the law.

If they get caught by a camera or the police and given a speeding ticket, some of those drivers might decide to waive a court appearance and pay up without argument. While this is honorable in a “commit the crime, pay the fine” sort of way, it’s not necessarily wise. Here is why:

A speeding ticket can have consequences beyond its immediate scope

Consequences are often cumulative when it comes to traffic offenses. A judge will probably hand out harsher penalties to a repeat offender than a first-time offender. Insurance companies will push premiums higher with each additional conviction. A driver who is convicted of numerous offenses may soon breach the points limit on their license and have it suspended. Losing their license, even temporarily, could cost them their job if it involves driving or if the location means they require their car to get there. 

If you contest and beat the first charge, it reduces the possible consequences of any charges that could follow if you make another mistake while driving in the future. There are often ways to contest speeding charges and avoid the problems they can bring. So, it is always worth getting legal help to learn whether you have a valid chance of defeating or reducing a charge or whether paying up is indeed the best option.