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How can you remove traffic ticket points from your record?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Traffic tickets

Having a valid North Carolina driver’s license entails the responsibility of following road rules. Violating state laws may result in traffic ticket fines and penalties, depending on the alleged offense.

You must immediately determine which specific offense you might have committed. Suppose you have a minor speeding violation. In that case, you can waive the court appearance. On the other hand, appearing before the court is mandatory for all felonies, such as driving while impaired.

Upon identifying the offense, you have two options – plead guilty and settle the ticket outright or plead not guilty and contest the ticket. Fighting the ticket means you want to prove your innocence in court.

Ultimately, a traffic conviction will reflect in your public driving history. However, you have a chance to reduce how long it remains on your record.

Taking a course takes points off your record

Every convicted traffic crime has corresponding demerit points. Speeding beyond 55 miles an hour and improper liability insurance are each worth three points, while reckless driving is at five points. If the accrued points reach 12 within three years, you may lose your driving privileges and receive increased insurance rates.

Per the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), your traffic ticket can show on your record for three years. However, the DMV offers a solution to reduce your total points once every five years to avoid license suspension by attending a traffic school.

  • Meet the qualifications: An offense with accumulated four or seven points on eight- and twelve-point scales, respectively, as discussed during an administrative hearing
  • Request enrollment: Registration through the central office to find out which authorized driver improvement school suits your location and available schedule
  • Attend in person: Physical attendance for every class that often lasts four hours a day
  • Complete the course: A certificate of completion proving your eligibility to reduce your record by three points

A clean driving record helps prevent adverse consequences when dealing with potential employers and insurance providers.

Moving in the right direction

A traffic ticket can have a lasting negative impact, especially when left unaddressed. If you believe you undeservedly received a traffic ticket or your record contains inaccurate information, you must consult your representative before pursuing any legal action. They can explain your options and work on favorable outcomes.