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Is driving too slowly dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Traffic tickets

Driving slowly in bad weather, where wildlife is present or around school zones is acceptable and often encouraged. However, driving slowly under normal circumstances, especially in fast lanes, can be risky. Slow drivers don’t just frustrate other motorists, but they can also impede traffic and cause serious accidents.

Speed limits help keep traffic moving at an expected and manageable rate. A slow driver is an impediment to the flow of traffic, which may startle other drivers and force them to make unexpected and sometimes dangerous adjustments. Out of shock, drivers might slam on their brakes or switch lanes without warning, setting off a chain reaction or otherwise endangering others on the road.

In addition, moving significantly slower than the posted speed limit can test the patience of other motorists. Aggressive behavior is a hallmark of road rage, and it’s possible that a frustrated driver would exact revenge. Drivers who have a temper might engage in tactics like tailgating and speeding to intimidate a slow driver, but others may take it to the next level and resort to physical violence.

Can driving slowly lead to a traffic ticket?

Driving below the speed limit by itself is not illegal. Still, North Carolina law requires that any driver moving at less than the maximum speed limit should keep to the right lane. If the driver doesn’t need to make a left-hand turn, driving slowly in the left lane may result in a ticket.

North Carolina also prohibits drivers from driving at very slow speeds that congest or block the normal flow of traffic. If a driver is moving too slowly and puts the safety of others at risk, they could potentially receive a traffic citation.

People who are new to driving, distracted drivers and senior citizens tend to be those who drive slower, thinking that it is safer. However, they could be making things much more dangerous. While there are times and places to drive slowly, doing so without a good reason or when it endangers others may result in a traffic citation.