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How can I get my driver’s license back in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | DMV, Driver's license suspension, Reckless Driving

License suspension or revocation is a common sanction for traffic violations and reckless driving behavior. Ideally, the process of getting a license back is straightforward. However, the appropriate steps to do so can vary based on the circumstances.

First, a driver must determine whether the penalty is a suspension or a revocation. A license suspension is temporary, meaning the driver can get their license back after meeting specific conditions, such as completing a designated duration or obtaining insurance requirements.

On the other hand, revocation is permanent. A driver cannot get their license back no matter how long they wait. The only way to reinstate a revoked license is by applying for it after becoming eligible, in keeping with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Despite different reinstatement procedures, suspensions and revocations might require the driver to attend a hearing to expedite their license-related requests.

Paying license recovery fees

Aside from going through the appropriate procedures, a driver might need to settle specific fees to restore their license, including the following:

  • Reinstatement fee: Paid after completing the suspension duration
  • Restoration fee: Cost for restoring driving privileges after suspension
  • Service fee: This charge might only apply if the driver failed to submit their license to the DMV before the suspension began

Other charges or fines could apply, depending on the situation. It could change based on the incident that led to the license suspension or revocation.

Addressing reckless driving behavior

Suspending or revoking a license is a typical penalty for committing traffic violations on North Carolina roads. It could come with tedious procedures, but they are necessary to discipline reckless drivers, especially those who disregard safety and fail to consider the consequences of their actions.