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When is distracted driving considered reckless driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Reckless Driving

When on the road, drivers are required to maintain a clear focus so that they can operate their vehicle safely and attentively without allowing distractions to compromise their ability to react swiftly and responsibly to potential hazards. While some distractions are unavoidable, such as a bee flying into the cabin, some cross the threshold into recklessness when they significantly – and in preventable ways – impair a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely.

There is a very thin line between distracted and reckless driving, and it often hinges on the degree of negligence exhibited by the driver and the potential harm caused by their actions. Some instances when distracted driving may be considered reckless driving include the following.

Video-calling when driving

Video calls demand visual and cognitive attention, making it extremely dangerous and irresponsible to engage in them while driving. Doing so not only diverts the driver’s eyes and concentration away from the road but also requires a mental engagement that can lead to delayed reaction times and impaired decision-making, thus greatly increasing the risk of accidents and harm to oneself and others on the road.

Playful activities

Drivers should not engage in horseplay with their passengers or other individuals while operating a vehicle. Activities such as roughhousing, engaging in physical altercations or engaging in any behavior that takes the driver’s attention away from the road can be considered reckless. Not only do these actions distract the driver, but they also create an unsafe environment within the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Texting or using a smartphone

Texting or using a smartphone while driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving and is widely recognized as reckless behavior. It involves taking one’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and mind off the task of driving, creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. Whether it’s sending text messages, browsing social media, or using apps, any interaction with a smartphone while driving significantly increases the risk of accidents and is often considered reckless driving.

Charges of reckless driving may result in heavy fines and penalties, including license suspension or revocation. Getting legal counsel can help build a strong defense and potentially mitigate the consequences associated with reckless driving charges.