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What is the most common traffic ticket moving violation?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2023 | Speeding Ticket

When it comes to traffic violations, one infraction stands out as the most common among drivers: speeding. Speeding tickets are handed out more frequently than any other moving violation countrywide.

Roughly 41 million speeding tickets are issued every year in the U.S. To put it into context, that’s over a hundred thousand daily. The total amount paid by drivers is equally mind-boggling – about six billion dollars annually on speeding tickets alone.

Reasons behind the prevalence

The pervasiveness of speeding tickets can be attributed to various reasons. For some, it’s a lack of awareness about the current speed limit. Driver distractions, such as adjusting to new surroundings or engaging in conversations, can unintentionally lead to exceeding the speed limit. Some drivers knowingly speed due to a perception that slight increases in speed are inconsequential.

Moreover, technological advancements have aided law enforcement in better monitoring and enforcing speed limits. Speed cameras, radar guns and other automated systems have become prevalent tools in identifying and ticketing speeding drivers.

Explore your options

When faced with a speeding ticket, the decision to pay the fine or contest it in court isn’t always straightforward. Understanding your options and considering the prevailing circumstances surrounding the violation are crucial steps in navigating this situation.

Paying the fine might seem the simplest solution, but it’s not without consequences. First, it means admitting guilt to the traffic violation. This can affect your driving record and potentially increase insurance premiums. On the other hand, contesting the ticket gives you a chance to reduce or eliminate these and other undesirable ramifications.

Seeking legal guidance for an informed assessment of your options can help advise on the best course of action and protect your interests.