Officer and police car

Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is the most common reason for you to be stopped by law enforcement in North Carolina. This is always a stressful and frustrating experience. If you are stopped by law enforcement for speeding, it is important to remain calm and polite with the officer as he or she will make notes about the stop that can either or help or hurt you in court.

It is almost always advisable to fight or otherwise contest your speeding ticket in court. Speeding tickets less than 15 mph over the speed limit are generally charged as infractions; this means that they can simply be paid online. This is deceiving because the ticket appears to be offering an easy solution but if the ticket is just paid off you will, almost always, be subject to license and insurance points.

Misdemeanor Ticket Charges

Most tickets more than 15mph over the speed limit are charged as misdemeanors. These speeding tickets, if you are convicted can result in license and insurance points, revocation of your driver’s license, and probation or even jail time if you charge with a high-speed offense.

If you are stopped for speeding more than 25mph over the speed limit, it is likely that you will also be charged with reckless driving, a class 2 misdemeanor which can also result probation and four insurance points.

It is almost always advisable to fight a speeding ticket and an experienced Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer can assist you. An experienced traffic ticket attorney is invaluable, and can saved you thousands of dollars of insurance premiums if you have been charged with a speeding ticket. Give Jeremy a call if you have received a speeding ticket and he will be able to assist you if you have a ticket in Raleigh, Smithfield, Lillington or anywhere in central North Carolina. He will discuss the possibilities of having your charge reduced to a non-moving violation, using a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC), or DISMISSED entirely.

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Contact a Raleigh traffic ticket defense lawyer for compassionate, aggressive and AFFORDABLE legal representation if you have been charged with a speeding violation.