Expired Registration and Inspection in North Carolina

Expired Registration and Expired Inspection Tickets

Expired Registration and Expired Inspection Tickets

One of the most common ways to be stopped by a police officer in North Carolina is simply to let your vehicle registration expire. Do not fret, remember to keep calm and remain polite with the officer; many times they will either let a tag charge slide or only issue a warning. It is very easy to overlook the notice that comes in the mail stating that it is time to renew your plates. However, receiving a ticket for something as trivial as expired registration can actually result in a misdemeanor conviction on your record because it is a misdemeanor offense.

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A ticket for expired inspection is only an infraction but it will still require attendance in court or otherwise DMV will take action to suspend your driver’s license if you fail to appear in court. However, this charge will typically be dismissed by a prosecutor if you present proof that you have updated your inspection and/or registration. As of December 1, 2018, there are quite a few counties that no longer even require a vehicle to have an emissions inspection.

It is important to keep your tags up to date as getting stop anytime for even the most routine offense is a stressful situation. If an officer sees you driving with an outdated registration sticker they will have probable cause to make a traffic stop. It is all too common that a stop for expired registration can lead to much more serious charges such as Driving While Impaired or other drug and alcohol offenses when you otherwise would not have received attention from law enforcement.

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