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About 26.4 million people say their most recent contact with the police was to be pulled over for a traffic stop. If you find yourself in need of a Lee County traffic ticket attorney, contact Cotten Law Firm to find out what you can do about your ticket.

Traffic tickets are not just a fine and a nuisance; they may lead to higher car insurance premiums or points on your license. Cotten Law has some of the lowest traffic ticket rates in North Carolina and can help you challenge your ticket.

We can represent you in court, talk to the prosecutor about your case, challenge the determination of your speed and more. A traffic ticket lawyer may be able to reduce your speed, get the ticket dismissed, or at least prevent your insurance rates from increasing.

Mailing in the fine may seem like the easy path, but if you have a lot of North Carolina driver’s license points or have had too many auto insurance increases already, it’s time to get help with your traffic ticket.

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