Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Driving While Impaired
    JD is a 25 year old that was stopped at a driver’s license checkpoint on his way home. The officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and performed standardized field sobriety testing leading to JD’s arrest for Driving While Impaired. He blew a 0.12 on ...
  • Not Guilty
    Driving While Impaired
    JW is a 32-year-old female that was stopped by law enforcement after a neighbor called the police due to a car being wrecked and stuck in his ditch at approximately 3 a.m. Law enforcement arrived and detained JW who explained that she was merely ...
  • Cases Dismissed
    Revoked Drivers License
    SR’s license has been revoked since 2007 due to unpaid tickets and missed court dates. There were seven different missed citations in total. After being advised by the Clerk that it would cost approximately $2,800 to “pay off” all of the tickets she ...