Can I Remove Myself from the Sex Offender Registry?

Anyone who has been convicted of a sexually violent act (such as sexual assault or sexual battery), a sex crime committed against a minor, or an attempt to commit such an offense is required to register his or her information with the State of North Carolina. 

The North Carolina Sex Offender Registry is a publicly available database that keeps track of the information of any person with a reportable conviction under the state’s sex offender registration requirements. Anyone registered as a sex offender faces barriers to employment, housing, and possibly more. However, in some circumstances, it is possible to remove yourself from the state’s Sex Offender Registry. 

Who is eligible for removal from the Sex Offender Registry?

Anyone convicted of the following is required to register with the Sex Offender Registry for life. There is NO ability to remove yourself from registration if you:

  • have been convicted of an aggravated offense, 
  • have been convicted of repeat offenses, or 
  • are determined by the court to be a sexually violent predator. 

If you do not fall into one of the categories above, you will be required to register as a sex offender for at least thirty years from the initial registration date. You may, however, be able to petition the court to terminate your registration after ten years. Only those who have not been arrested for a sex crime, are not a threat to public safety, and who meet certain additional requirements, are eligible for possible removal from the list. 

How can I remove myself from the Sex Offender Registry?

A North Carolina criminal defense attorney can assist you with filing a petition with the court in the district in which you were convicted. The district attorney will be informed of the petition, and the court will set a hearing date to determine whether to terminate your status. 

At the hearing, you and your attorney will have the opportunity to present your case and argue why you should be removed from the registry. The prosecutor will do the same, although they will likely argue why you should remain on the registry.

If you are registered on the Sex Offender Registry and are interested in possible removal from the list, contact us today to discuss your case and determine whether removal is an option for you, either now or in the future.