Finding the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Speeding Ticket

It may not be difficult to find a lawyer to handle your speeding ticket – but finding a good lawyer is another matter entirely. When it comes to competent legal representation, it’s about much more than just promises and guarantees: a good lawyer can – and will – deliver results.

Here are a few things you should consider in seeking an attorney to handle your ticket.

The best traffic ticket lawyers know the DAs and judges in the county where you are charged.

Ask your lawyer how many times he or she has appeared in court in the county where you were charged. While a rapport with judges and prosecutors will never guarantee you a good result, it also doesn’t hurt: it simply proves that your attorney understands the local rules and customs in the traffic courts in your area. 

Your attorney should have substantial trial experience in North Carolina criminal courts. 

Confirm that your lawyer has taken lower-level criminal cases to trial. This will ensure that your lawyer understands how to negotiate a deal for you, as he or she has seen the entire process through. 

The best lawyers have systems in place to ensure you remain informed on the status of your case.

Nothing is more frustrating than hiring a lawyer and never hearing from him or her again for six weeks. Make sure your lawyer is available to speak with you directly about your case and, at the very least, provides open channels of communication in the event you have a question or urgent need that arises outside of normal business hours.

The firm should have a clear fee structure.

Your lawyer should inform you of the fee structure he or she will apply, for instance, whether it is a flat fee or hourly, and who is responsible for paying court costs. 

The best lawyers will communicate with you and keep you informed.

A good lawyer will keep you apprised of the status of your case, from the effects of any convictions on your insurance and driving record, to what you can expect from the court process, to what fines you may be responsible for paying.

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