What to Do If Your Concealed Carry Permit Is Revoked in North Carolina

In North Carolina, most residents over the age of 21 are eligible to apply for a concealed carry permit. Your local sheriff’s office must issue a permit if you meet the requirements, which, in addition to age, include completing a firearms training course. Once you receive a concealed carry permit, it is valid for five years unless revoked. Here, we discuss what to do if your concealed carry permit has been revoked. 

Concealed Carry Permit Revocation

There are two types of concealed carry permit revocations in North Carolina – discretionary and mandatory. The state’s law provides that the county sheriff may revoke a concealed carry permit for the following reasons:

  • There was fraud or intentional and material misrepresentation in obtaining the permit.
  • The permit was misused, including lending or giving it to another person, materially altering it, or using it with the intent to cause harm to a person or property. 
  • The permit holder has since done something that would have been grounds for denying the permit in the first place.
  • The permit holder violated a concealed carry law.

The sheriff shall revoke the permit of anyone who is found guilty or receives a prayer for judgment continued for a crime that would have disqualified them from receiving a permit in the first place. 

Concealed Carry Permit Revocation Appeals 

If your concealed carry permit has been revoked, it is not the end of the road. You still have a chance of getting your permit reinstated by appealing the revocation. A seasoned North Carolina criminal defense attorney can help you with your district court petition to appeal the sheriff’s decision to revoke your license and can present evidence to the court to show why the sheriff’s revocation was unreasonable.