Domestic Violence Crimes and the Holidays: What to Expect

With mounting stress, high emotions, and an increase in drinking and recreation drug use, the holiday season brings an uptick in domestic violence incidents. Domestic violence crimes occur when feelings of stress escalate into displays of angry and aggressive behavior that put the lives and safety of others at risk.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent domestic violence incidents before they occur. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this holiday season to protect yourself, your partner, and your loved ones from domestic violence.

  • Take time to cool down. If your visiting in-laws are hitting your last nerve, don’t just harbor that stress and anger. Take time to step away, to spend time alone, or to take a breather from people who frustrate you. Similarly, if you have a spouse or partner who tends to become easily frustrated and angry, encourage him or her to do the same to avoid compounding feelings of stress, resentment, and frustration that can quickly escalate.
  • Exercise. Fitness experts and health gurus wax poetic about the incredible mental health benefits of exercise. Step out for a walk, run, or gym workout to blow off some steam and stress rather than directing it toward other people.
  • Control your alcohol intake. Alcohol is often a factor in domestic violence incidents. If you enjoy imbibing during the holiday season, consider setting a limit per hour or per night.
  • Stay off the roads. If you or a loved one struggle with road rage, consider staying off the crowded interstates if you can. If you must travel, consider using rideshare options so you don’t have to manage the traffic yourself.
  • Devise a budget to keep financial stress at bay. Finances can create tremendous amounts of stress during the holidays, so stave this off by writing a budget before the holiday season hits full swing.
  • Plan. Finally, don’t overload your schedule. Running from event to event will increase stress, anxiety, and a sensation that you’re running on fumes. Instead, try to practice mindfulness, relax at home, prepare healthy meals, spend less, and avoid alcohol-laden parties as much as possible to cultivate a more restful mindset this holiday season.

Here at Cotten Law Firm, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season.