How a Driving While Impaired (DWI) Affects your Driving Privileges

Everyone knows that DWIs impact your driving privileges, but few understand the severity of the restrictions – all of which can seriously complicate your personal and professional life.

30-Day License Revocation

First and foremost, your license will be automatically suspended for 30 days. However, on the 11th day of that period, you can apply to have some limited driving privileges restored. This will only apply if your license was valid (or had been expired for less than one year) at the time of the offense, if you don’t have any other outstanding DWI charges on your record, and if you complete a Substance Abuse Assessment.

Your attorney can walk you through these steps in greater depth, but know that even after completing them, your driving privileges will still be restricted: You’ll only be permitted on the roads between 6 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday. If you need to tweak this due to a work or travel schedule, you can – but you will need to produce documentation to prove your need.

Extended Revocations

If you refuse to submit to a blood-alcohol test at the time you’re arrested, the DMV will hit you with an additional one-year license revocation. Also, if your DWI offense isn’t your first, you’ll face extended revocations: For a second DWI, your license will be suspended for four years, and for a third DWI, your license can be revoked permanently.

Insurance Cancellation

Once your car insurance carrier becomes aware of your arrest, it will issue a notice letter prompting you to find another carrier – one that is willing to take on the increased risk that you now pose.

If you’re looking to reduce down your DWI, take caution: Many insurance companies charge substantially higher amounts for a careless or reckless driving charges, so be aware that if you reduce your DWI charge, you may end up either paying much more on your monthly premium amounts, or carriers may altogether refuse to insure you.

Restoring Your Privileges

Engaging a skilled attorney can help you tremendously when trying to gain limited driving privileges after a DWI arrest or conviction. Attorney Cotten has years of experience representing clients throughout Central North Carolina – from Wake, Johnston, Harnett, and Orange Counties to Sampson, Lee, and Chatham. Once you’re arrested for a DWI, it’s important to act quickly, so contact him today or head to our homepage to live chat with a 24-hour legal assistant.