Running a Stop Light or Stop Sign

Did you get a ticket for running a Stop Sign or Stop Light?

Getting convicted of running a red light or stop sign is a moving violation that will result in license points but, more importantly, an increase in your insurance rates over the next three years. If you are assessed twelve license points within a three-year period, you will probably face a license suspension. In most traffic ticket cases, the prosecutor only needs to prove that the you committed the violation, not that you knew about it or that it was intentional; there is no mental state requirement for most traffic tickets.

If you are convicted of running a stop sign or red light you will be assessed three points. As mentioned above, if you receive twelve points during a three-year period you face the risk of a license revocation. Sometimes, running a stop sign or red light can also lead to charge of reckless driving which is four points!

There may be ways in which to dispute a traffic ticket that a Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer can assist you. An experienced traffic ticket attorney is invaluable, and will help you determine how to best resolve your case. Give Jeremy a call if you have received a ticket for running a stop sign or red light. He will be able to assist you if you have a ticket in Raleigh, Smithfield, Lillington or anywhere in central North Carolina. He will discuss the possibilities of having your charge reduced to a non-moving violation, using a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC), or DISMISSED entirely.

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