High Speed Tickets in North Carolina

High Speed and Excessive Speeding Tickets

North Carolina is one of the easiest states in the country to lose your license based on a “high” speeding ticket. A license suspension is common in cases involving high-speed violations. If you are convicted of going in excess of 80mph, even on I-40 where the speed limit is 70mph, you will lose your license: guaranteed. Additionally DMV has the authority to suspend your license for up to a year if you are convicted of going more than 75mph where the speed limit is less than 70mph. This certainly applies to portions of I-540 around Wake County as well as I-95 through Johnston and Harnett Counties.

Occasionally, an officer will charge you with Reckless Driving when you are initially pulled for a speeding ticket. This does not mean you are necessarily driving in a reckless manner however.

If you have received a high-speed ticket, it is important that you contact an experienced traffic lawyer to discuss your options. Attorney Cotten would be glad to discuss potential strategies and options with you free of charge. There will be ways to reduce the severity of the violation in order to save your license as well as keep your court costs, fines and insurance to a minimum. In the event that a license revocation is unavoidable, we can discuss the possible ways to obtain a limited driving privilege.

Cotten Law is a passionate and low-cost firm defense firm that will provide aggressive representation if you have been charged with a high-speed ticket. Our firm has represented over 20,000 clients charged with offenses such as yours and has hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients. Give our office a call or visit our website to chat live with an assistant 24 hours a day. Our office serves clients in central North Carolina including Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Orange, Sampson, Lee, and Chatham Counties.

Contact a Raleigh traffic ticket defense lawyer for compassionate, aggressive and AFFORDABLE legal representation if you have been charged with a speeding violation.