Fighting a Speeding Ticket

You will surely be filled with many emotions shortly after pulling away from a traffic stop for speeding: frustration, dread and fear of what is to come. There may be several options available for you after receiving a speeding ticket. Do not just pay the ticket online, fight for a better result.

Speeding tickets in North Carolina are either charged as infractions or misdemeanors. Infractions can be paid online (though rarely should be before speaking an experienced traffic lawyer) or misdemeanors which generally required a court appearance.

Regardless of the level of the charge, generally some form of reduction will be offered by the District Attorney’s office. The reduction offered will vary to a great degree depending upon which county issued the speeding ticket. A traffic ticket attorney can discuss which options with you that best fit your needs based upon your driving record; these options may include a reduction to a lesser speed, an improper equipment, or a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) if the situation calls for it. It is very uncommon for a prosecutor to outright dismiss a speeding ticket in most situations.

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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

You may wish to dispute the ticket entirely. If you are making this decision you really need to speak with a qualified traffic ticket attorney to discuss the merits of your case. Keep in mind, if you proceed to trial and lose, you will be convicted of the original speed charged on the citation which will, almost always, results in increased insurance premiums. Many times you will also face a revocation of your license as well.

Before proceeding to trial, you should realize that in North Carolina, it generally does not matter why you were speeding, or that you did not know that you were speeding. I have heard many very valid reasons to speed over my years as a traffic lawyer but, unfortunately, there is no mental state requirement for a speeding ticket in North Carolina. Simply put, if you are proved to have been driving a vehicle over the speed limit, you would be convicted of the speeding ticket. Only in very rare cases would a necessity or duress defense be available to you at trial on a speeding ticket.

The actual speed you are accused of traveling along with the zone will be a determining factor in what reduction, if any, will be offered to you. If you do not believe that you were traveling as fast as the ticket charges, you can verify what evidence the officer will produce by looking at your ticket itself. If you have a white ticket, that was printed before handed to you, look midway down the page to the section called “OTHER INFORMATION”. Then to the lower right of this section to the box labeled “SPEED” (see picture above). There will generally be three characters here, a letter, a number and then another letter.

The First Letter

The first letter is the method used to determine speed, the number is the speed estimated, and the last letter is general information as to the officer’s location, movement, or which antenna was used.

The first letter will generally be “R” or “L”. The “R” stands for radar for which the officer must be trained to operate and the unit properly calibrated. Without delving into a physics lesson, radar disperses outwards from the officers unit and is subject to interference and false readings by other moving objects in the unit’s field of view. Additionally, radar is more accurate as it directly facing a moving object; the greater the angle of incidence the radar operator has from a moving object, the greater the margin for error in a reading.

An “L” stands for lidar which is generally more accurate than radar as it is laser aimed at a specific object and much less subject to interference previously mentioned in a radar reading. However, the officer must be trained to use the instrument as well as be able to show proof of the unit’s good working order.

If you have “A” or a “P” as the first letter in the speed box, this means that the officer approximated or paced you, respectively. These are much less accurate forms of speed detection and can work in your favor at trial.

It is almost always advisable to fight a speeding ticket and an experienced Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer can assist you. An experienced traffic ticket attorney is invaluable, and can save you thousands of dollars of insurance premiums if you have been charged with a speeding ticket. Give Jeremy a call if you have received a speeding ticket and he will be able to assist you if you have a ticket in Raleigh, Smithfield, Lillington or anywhere in central North Carolina.

Contact a Raleigh traffic ticket defense lawyer for compassionate, aggressive and AFFORDABLE legal representation if you have been charged with a speeding violation.