Does an Out-of-State Conviction Affect your North Carolina Driver's License?

If you have been charged or convicted with a traffic offense outside the State of North Carolina, there may be cause for concern with how it can affect your North Carolina driver’s license. The truth is that out-of-state convictions for certain traffic offenses are almost-always treated the same as an North Carolina conviction.

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If you received a violation in a state that is part of the Uniform Driver’s License Compact (UDLC) — and almost all states are in the Compact — North Carolina will assess points on your license based upon the conviction reported. Once the conviction is reported, North Carolina will treat the out-of-state conviction just as if the traffic offense and conviction had occurred within its own borders.

How Does the UDLC Work?

The Uniform Driver’s License Compact allows the DMVs of member states to exchange information with one another concerning license suspension and traffic violations. Member states share such information with the nonresident’s home state. The offenses that member states report are typically moving violations. Moving violations are violations such as speeding, running a red light, and failure to yield, but this category also includes Driving While Impaired (DWI). Conversely, if you are an out-of-state licensee, North Carolina will also report convictions of out-of-state drivers to your home state. The end result is a vast network of states that can all communicate to penalize you after alleged traffic offenses.

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