Why Did I Just Get Charged With Driving While License Revoked?

If you have found this article, the odds are you were pulled over and the officer informed you that your driver’s license is revoked and has confiscated your license.

If you have been charged with Driving While License Revoked Impaired Revocation this article may not apply to you; this will be discussed at length in a future post.

Generally speaking, most license revocations that I see are the result of one of the two following: a Failure to Appear (FTA) or a Failure to Comply (FTC).

A Failure to Appear (FTA) occurs when you have ticket written in your name that, for any number of reasons, is not addressed on the assigned court date. After 20 days, the Clerk will transmit to DMV that you have Failed to Appear at which point you will receive a threatening letter informing you that your license will be revoked indefinitely at a future date (typically around 60 days after the FTA is transmitted). This results in a nasty $200.00 fine that will be assessed on top of the already high court cost and fine requirements. These will typically results in court cost and fine payments in excess of $400.00 for each ticket outstanding!

A Failure to Comply (FTC) is a much more simple matter. This literally means that a case has been resolved but some aspect of the judgment, typically the payment of court costs and fines, has not been paid. You will receive the nasty DMV notice for this offense as well but these issues can typically be resolved by simply paying the costs and fines from court, as well as a $50.00 FTC fine. If you pay this amount before the revocation date you are finished with the case and do not have to take corrective action at DMV regarding your license.

The much more tricky issue is the Failure to Appear (FTA). If you have multiple FTAs on your driving record and call the Clerk they will most likely give you a staggering number of court costs that must be paid to “clear” your record. The Clerk’s office, as knowledgeable as they may be, is simply not qualified to give you legal advice and it is almost never advisable for you to simply pay the amount requested as this will cost you a fortune and will almost certainly cause you further revocation time.

An experienced attorney can many times get multiple cases combined or otherwise consolidated which can save you thousands of dollars in undue court costs and fines. Additionally, I practice in multiple counties and many times am able to resolve all of your cases for a massive discount over hiring multiple attorneys across the counties in which you have issues.

If you find yourself charged with DWLR please contact our office immediately to discuss options. Visit https://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/online/records/ to obtain your non-certified driving record which can be emailed me and I will be able to assist you in resolving your license issues immediately.