What Makes Us Different?

In any traffic ticket or criminal matter, you will likely be bombarded with letters and subjected to a host of ads on the internet. You will need to weigh your numerous options carefully in hiring an attorney to assist you.

Cotten Law is a solo firm. This means that I am the only lawyer. I have one legal assistant and her name is Ashley; I have been married to her for eleven years to date. With that said, when you call us you either speak with me directly or to her; there is not much that goes on in my office that I am unaware of. There is no bureaucracy at my firm and you will not be passed around from voicemail to voicemail; you most likely hear from me, your attorney, directly. When we are not at the office, phone calls are routed to our cell phones and our clients have access to us essentially 24/7.

Working in seven different counties is not an easy task and the only way it is possible is efficiency. We have developed software that allows our clients to retain me 24 hours a day online as well as provide all official communications electronically; efficiency is our strong point. You will not have a consult with me and then your case gets passed off to another lawyer in another county. I handle all of my cases personally and have a deep understanding of each of my clients’ cases as would be expected.

As for experience, I have personally resolved over 16,000 traffic tickets and criminal cases to date. I am familiar with and on a first name basis with every prosecutor in every county in which I work.

Regarding fees, I will be the least expensive, total out of pocket, lawyer that you can hire in every county that I work. Having a small office and low overhead means my clients save money.

If you have a traffic ticket or criminal matter you wish to discuss give me a call anytime or click here to find your case and get signed up.