Do You Offer a Guarantee?

In every consultation I conduct either over the phone or in-person I discuss the possible and probable outcomes of a case. I have personally resolved over 16,000 various traffic and criminal cases on behalf of my clients and have a very good idea about how a particular case will go in court. Towards the end of the consult I routinely get asked, “ Do you guarantee this”?

To put in frankly, no attorney can guarantee results as to the outcome of a traffic ticket or criminal case in North Carolina. Attorneys are bound by the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct and guarantees as to outcome in a criminal matter are strictly prohibited. If an attorney or an attorney’s staff member has responded any other way then you should exercise extreme caution.

However, as an attorney that has resolved a large number of cases and works in several different counties, I have a very good idea of how your case will end up after our initial discussion. In almost all circumstances, I will be able to help you resolve your case with a minimum of license or insurance ramifications; if I can’t help you, I will tell you up front and discuss other possibilities.

As for a guarantee, I cannot guarantee you that the results I think are probable in our discussion. However, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with my services and am happy to offer a refund if you are not.

Give me a call anytime to discuss the possibilities and options in your traffic ticket or criminal matter.